Tenant Services

To submit a maintenance request, please feel free to use our online form, or call (434) 296-7227.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would one want to rent a home, when buying a home allows you to build equity and mortgage interest is tax deductible, etc.?

A: Areas that have a large university, such as Charlottesville, have regular transient populations that keep the rental market strong. College students as well as many working professionals often do not have the means or the desire to undertake the responsibilities of home ownership. Many people live on a strict budget and do not have the down payment that is often necessary to buy. Also, they would rather not worry about paying real estate taxes and maintenance costs. Some rental properties include many utilities in the rent to conveniently reduce the number of monthly payments for the renter. Finally, many people who move to the area often want to rent for a period of time prior to buying in order to get oriented to the area.


Q: I want to apply for a rental home. How does a property manager qualify my application?

A: Property Management firms must have their rental requirements in writing and are supposed to qualify ALL applicants equally and fairly under these guidelines. Property managers must abide by The Fair Housing (anti-discrimination) Laws at all times when processing an application. An application may only be denied based on unsatisfactory credit history or rental history, criminal history, or insufficient employment income.